Fresco Aurora Outdoor Electric Heater

Fresco Aurora Outdoor Electric Heater

An outdoor entertaining appliance like no other. IXL Fresco Aurora is an app-controlled outdoor electric heater that combines ambient infrared heat, task lighting and mood lighting in one stylishly designed unit.

Each function can be effortlessly controlled via a free app available to download from the iTunes App Store or Google Play, or an optional remote control available to purchase on our website. 

Designed to be suspended from flat or gabled roofs, IXL Fresco Aurora is an outdoor heating solution ideal for external dining areas, verandas and balconies and will transform your outdoors into a cosy, ambient space - all year round. 

Fresco Aurora is safe to use in coastal areas as an outdoor heating system.

Halo Heat™ Technology: Rapid Warmth via a 2 x 1000W Carbon Fibre Heat Lamps with Half-Heat Option 

Strip Lighting: Dimmable, Functional White LED

Mood Lighting: Full Spectrum of Programmable Coloured Mood Lights

Ceiling Mounted: Elegant and Adjustable Pendant Design with an Attractive Medium Bronze Finish 

Simple Operation: Built In Auto-Off Timer, Controlled via Smart Phone App or Optional Remote Control

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