Fiori Di Pizzo Pendant

Fiori Di Pizzo Pendant

Fiori Di Pizzo Pendant 


Brand: IL Fanale®



Fiori Di Pizzo Pendant Light from Il Fanale

  Height: 25 cm

Drop: 130 cm

Diameter: 40 - shade / 10 - ceiling cup cm

Materials and Finish : ● Brass, Antique
 ● Fretted Ceramic, White

Lights: 1

Lamp: E27 Max 77W Halogen GLS



The story of Il Fanale Group dates back to 1979 when Fausto Dalla Torre and his wife Luisa Martin, decided to embark on an extraordinary journey.

The Made in Italy is the Company hallmark: the production blends with sublime handicrafts and latest illumination techniques.

The clean and elegant traits complement the Italian manual handcrafts, creating lamps with balanced volumes and creativity.

With applications from 4 major categories (internal lamps, external lamps, garden lighting and street furniture) there are plenty of items to choose from.

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