Kōura (Natural)

Kōura pendant light was inspired by woven baskets and also from the curled form of the New Zealand native freshwater shrimp, kōura, which is its Maori name.


500mm (20")

Width: 300mm (12”)Height: 500mm (20”)Depth: 500mm (20”)Weight: 0.45kg (1lb)


(29")Width: 420mm (17”)Height: 750mm (30”)Depth: 420mm (17”)Weight: 0.75kg (1.7lb)


(39")Width: 550mm (22”)Height: 970mm (38”)Depth: 550mm (22”)Weight: 1.8kg (4lb)


(63")Width: 950mm (37”)Width: 950mm (37”)Depth: 950mm (37”)Depth: 950mm (37”)Weight: 7kg (15.4lb)


(79")Width: 1100mm (43”)Height: 2000mm (79”)Depth: 1100mm (43”)Weight: 10kg (22lb)

2400mm (94")

Width: 1400mm (55”)Height: 2400mm (94”)Depth: 1400mm (55”)Weight: 12.5kg (27.6lb)


Colour: Natural,Caramel,Blue,Pink,Aqua,Lime,red, Black 1 side ,Black 2 side,

White 1 side, White 2 side.


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