Aspire Bathroom Heater & Exhaust Fan with Tricolour 20W LED Light

Aspire Bathroom Heater & Exhaust Fan with Tricolour 20W LED Light

Model Number: MBHA800W

With a powerful and efficient Turbo Fan Blade Design, the Aspire Bathroom Heater is at the top of its class. This 3 in 1 Bathroom Heater Exhaust and Light, suits small to medium bathrooms. With a stunning, modern, ultra-low profile, the slim line design of fascia to ceiling makes the Aspire easy to clean! The Aspire Bathroom Heater is also IPX2 water resistant. This means you don't have to be concerned about damage from water or condensation.

Further, the Aspire's quiet operation means you can enjoy a warm, well lit bathroom without the noise of conventional bathroom fans. Energy efficient, the Aspire is perfect for those conscious of their carbon footprint.


Benefits of the Aspire


While it is an often-overlooked part of the bathroom, your exhaust fan is an important addition to your bathroom. As we all know, excess water and condensation in a bathroom can result in mould and mildew. This is not only damaging to the bathroom but dangerous to your health and well-being. This is why the Aspire features a turbo blade fan design features high velocity air extraction. The Aspire also features instant steam extraction. As a result, it is adept at removing condensation and excess water from the air. By removing excess moisture, your exhaust fan helps prevent mould and mildew forming, which can be hazardous to your family.

Many customers are confused as to when they should use their bathroom fan. Others claim that you only need to your fan in summer as they confuse their exhaust fan with a pedestal fan that cools during the summer.

When you have a shower or run a bath, the hot water increases the humidity in the room. As the humidity rises, so does the level of condensation. This provides the perfect environment for mould and mildew to grow, creating a risk to your family's health. As a result, you should always run your bathroom exhaust fan when showering, no matter the time of year.

Looking to create the perfect atmosphere and ambience in your bathroom? The Aspire Bathroom Heater features two 400W infrared heat tubes, tricolour LEDs and a radiant heat tube to create the perfect, peaceful space.

With a top of the range safety cut out thermostat switch, 4 gang wall switch and a 2 year in-home warranty, the Aspire Bathroom heater is the perfect addition to your bathroom.

Explore the specifications and features below for the Aspire. And for further information and advice, contact the experts team at Martec today!

Motor Wattage
Max Air Flow
380 M³/hr
Controller Type
4 gang wall switch
Light Type
20W Tricolour LED light 3000, 4000, 5000K
Heat Lamp
2 x 400W (heat tubes)
3000K 1387lm | 4000K 1569lm | 5000K 1538lm
Cut Out Size
523 x 345mm
Ceiling Depth
IP Rating
Grill Size
W380 x L550mm

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